Sculpture Gallery
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Bronze Sculpture Gallery

I am presently working primarily in bronze mixed with other materials such as rope and steel. All the work since 2000 has been cast by me in my studio.

Rotblatt Bronze Sculpture


Stone Sculpture Gallery

The idea of taking a hard, immobile material and giving it the illusion of softness and elasticity intrigued me. I chose stone because we automatically associate it with solidity. and mass.

Rotblatt Stone Sculpture


Mixed Media and Other Work

Here is a variety of work from live video installations to experimental work in other mediums such as ceramic, wood and concrete.

Rotblatt Mixed Media Sculpture


Blade Gallery

During the 1980's and 90's I made and sold knives and swords - both contemporary work and medieval reproductions. Here are a few samples of that work.

Rotblatt Knives, swords and Blades

Commissioned medalion in sterling silver and bronze by Rotblatt


I occasionally do commissioned work. Pieces will be added as they're made.

Ceramic porcilain Teapot with blue and red glaze by Rotblatt

Ceramics Gallery

I've recetnly been playing with ceramics and having a lot of fun. I'm not selling any of this work.
SecondThoughtsinterior2 CrossedSwords2 Ceramic porcilain Teapot with blue and red glaze by Rotblatt