Knives and Swords

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Knives and Swords:

I no longer make knives or swords, but here's an example of some of the last ones I did - unfortunately, most of my knife pictures are on film since my bladesmithing days pretty much predate digital cameras.  All the blades are forged and the knives are differentially heat treated.  The skills I learned in making them have passed on to my other work.  I built my first furnace and started to cast bronze in order to make unique pommels and quillions.  The skills I learned making forges and forge burners has allowed me to make my own furnaces and kilns.

The picture above was made for one of my catalogues.  It shows a number of different knives, as well as a few cast objects I also sold; belt buckles, belt accessories, and pewter spoons


Reproductions of 16th century knives.  This type of knife was carried for daily use.  The top knife sports a cows horn slab handle with sterling silver fitting.  The knife below features an acid stained curly maple handle with pewter fittings.  Both leather sheaths are tooled in traditional fashions.


This set of kitchen knives was made on commission.  The designs were specified by the customer who was an exacting recreationist.  The set has acid stained curly maple handles and brass fittings.


Two viking swords made on commission.  The top one is a  three lobed sword with bronze pommel and guard.  The handle is buffalo horn.  The other sword has nickel silver fittings and a buffalo horn handle and accent.

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