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The Custodian's Closet

delayed live video mixed media installation

8' x 6' x 6'


The Custodians Closet consists of a 6' x 6' structure placed in the corner of a room.  One door, which seems to disappear into the wall, is adorned with a women's restroom sign, the other door is open and invites the viewer into  a custodians utility room. 


Within are the usual item that might be stored in such a closet: cleaning supplies and accessories, paper supplies, old computer equipment, the custodians sweater, a coffee cup. 


Out of place in the room is a chair facing the wall.  In the wall is a hole, and if the viewer sits in the chair and looks through the hole, they will see a video monitor playing a time delayed live video feed of the inside of the closet . 


The viewer will see themselves exploring the installation, sitting down and looking into the hole - in effect, the viewer becomes their own voyeur.
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