Tongs and Ring Shanks

Apart from one set of tongs the a school was throwing away, I've made my own tongs and pouring shanks. Mostly they are based on commercial tongs, but my #10 tongs are designed by me for one person use.


From left to right; #30 tongs, #10 tongs, #12 tongs (commercial), #20 tongs, #12 pouring shank.

#30 Lifting Tongs

I'm just gearing up to do larger pours. These tongs will handle a #30 crucible, which is about 90 lb of bronze.


A homemade #30 lifting tongs.


Detail view.


Reverse detail view.

#10 Lifting Tongs

These lifting tongs hold a #10 crucible (30 lb of bronze). A small ring is welded on the back of the tongs which acts as a pivot for a 'T' handeled hook held in the right hand. The hook gives a lot of control. I got this idea from a show on discovery channel showing the casting of an archimedes screw using ancient techniques.


Here's a view of the tongs in action.


More to come...

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