The New Studio

Take a look at the construction of my new studio.


These are the plans for phase 1 of the new studio. The 29' x 30' slab has two 120 sq. ft. buildings on it. The buildings (pictured at the bottom) have a 9' breezeway in-between. An 'I' beam is supported between the two buildings for a hoist. A roof covers the whole slab. In phase 2 the rear 15' x 30' section will be enclosed to create a large workroom.


The building site. The slab will be placed 15' in front of the cinderblock wall in the rear left.


The retaining wall is built and the slab is going in.


Yup! That's me!


I'm doing the framing. I had a lot of help form my friend Sean.


My cousin Matthew and I working on the roof.


Here's where the studio is now. I'm moved in and working in this fantastic space!


Here's a good view showing entrance to the studio, the hoist and the breezeway between the two buildings.

Coming Soon: A studio tour.