My Studio

Here's my dream studio - though not completely finished, I started moving in the last few days of 2006. Before I take you on a tour, here's where I was working one year before...


Yup, that's my garage under that mess. I did my casting in front on the driveway, rammed up my molds on an old piece of plywood resting on some sawhorses. Needless to say, I had no feeling of loss or nostalgia moving out of this space...too much stuff, too little room! Even so, I made a lot of good sculpture here. The entire Contradiction series, both stone and bronze, was made in this space. Contradiction #6 is about 8' tall and required at least 12 different casts.


If you'd like to see a basic floorplan of my old studio - click on the link to the left. Though crowded, it was a good floorplan for a small space.

In the left rear of the studio is my worktable, and in front of that is a forging and metalworking area. I used this when I made knives - although I did most of my blade-work in an earlier studio. In the center is an

island with the welding station and forge on the left, and another worktable for grinding and stone sculpture. Along the back wall is a burr king 2x72" belt grinder and a drill press. On the right wall is a compound miter saw and buffer. I built a room for storage outside the left wall of the garage where I put a compressor and ran air in copper tubing into the studio. There was much less noise that way.

Come on and take a look at the construction of my new studio!